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I don’t know why anyone would say something like “I’m a little OCD” when instead they could say “I’m a little anal”

I remember being a kid exploring the internet with my friend

We typed “m” into the address bar and “” came up

We were very disappointed with what we found

How pretentious do you have to be to start a whole movement just because you think 2π is better than π

Like congratulations you took the 2 out of one equation with your handy dandy τ you must be so proud cause that 2 was really weighing on all of the formulas involving π


"People have problems at home and they take it out on other people. That’s why things are bad. And it just goes on and on."


"People have problems at home and they take it out on other people. That’s why things are bad. And it just goes on and on."

The scientists were always hanging cores on me to regulate my behavior. I’ve heard voices all my life. But now I hear the voice of a conscience and it’s terrifying because for the first time it’s my voice.


Unarmed, clearly non-violent student brutally pepper-sprayed.

73 were arrested over the weekend as police used outrageous tactics against college students enjoying a pre-St. Patrick’s Day party.

College Fun Quickly Turns into Violent Oppression When the Cops Show Up

A youtube Video by levin00, shows how brutality and oppression are quickly becoming the goto tactics of Police State USA. It also shows that what the media is saying about this event is all wrong.

The video clearly shows kids having fun, NOT being violent or destructive.

Then the storm troopers show up in their black uniforms, with rubber bullets and pepper spray. The jackboots rolled trough campus laying waste to the wasted.

These are college kids doing what college kids do, and they were treated like enemy combatants. This was completely uncalled for! The violent tendency of the state has got to be reined in.

When will enough be enough? These cops need to be held accountable, as well as the one’s that sent their vicious attack dogs out to wreak havoc.

Watch video of the party and the police response here. More footage here.

Good job

Man I’m almost done watching Breaking Bad for the third time just bathing in the symbols and the details but then I’m on the internet and I find out that there’s a painting I missed well fuck now I gotta watch the whole thing again

I find myself saying “Pharrell” instead of “for real” and I don’t know when or why that started

So two hundred and thirty-nine people are missing and I should be sad about that but instead I’m angry about the fact that news outlets feel the need to tell me that three of them are Americans like that matters